Sink and central module_

Side module with removable shelves_

Side module with charging system for tablet_

ScienceBus Modular_

ScienceBus is composed of sink module, central module and optionally a side module, for tablet storage or container that can also be purchased separately depending on the needs of the classroom context. All to facilitate not only the movement of ScienceBus but to satisfy all needs, both from a practical and space point of view.

Sink and central module

Improves management of laboratories​

Side module with charging system for tablet

Improves management of laboratories​​

Side module with transparent “push-open” key lock door. Possibility to store and charge up to 24 tablets simultaneously. This module makes the mobile scientific lab ScienceBus an all in one tool with which to approach traditional experiments exploiting the potential of digital in the data collection and sharing phase. The side module is equipped with 4 swivel castors with brakes.

Side module with removable shelves

Improves management of laboratories

Side module with transparent door with key lock. Provided with removable shelves for storage of the equipment of any kind and, if necessary, the shelves can be removed in order to house additional didactic-scientific trays. The side module is equipped with 4 swivel castors with brakes.

Mobility, modularity & multidisciplinarity​

ScienceBus is equipped with 3 rear swing doors, rear locks to protect in total safety the scientific equipment provided and also include a first aid kit.

ScienceBus fits all your needs !​


Send your request to and we will be happy to provide you with all the information on how to purchase. Our sales representatives will assist you until your mobile science trolley is delivered

You will receive the Top surface, the sink module, the central module and the side module (if you have requested it). Just fix the Top above the 3 modules and follow the assembly instructions provided inside the packaging, to correctly install the module with sink.

Each ScienceSET includes a manual that will follow you step by step for the creation and implementation of each experiment using all the instruments present in the scientific collections. The manuals are available in digital format and will be provided to you at the same time as the items purchased.

The power supply as well as the power cable with self-winding system are already supplied as well as a display indicator with voltmeter and water loading and unloading tanks.

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