Self-contained mobile lab for science

ScienceBus allows, through the use of included scientific collections, the observation of scientific phenomena and the execution of experiences in Primary and Secondary school in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physiology and Alternative Energies.

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12 Swiveling wheels with brake
Central module for storage of the experimental trays
piano lavoro 22
Worktop with ergonomic handles that facilitate transport

Go beyond the difficulty of bringing experiments into classrooms

ScienceBus is mobile and can be moved with extreme ease

Improves management of laboratories

Sciencebus is composed of sink module :

Sciencebus contains a series of scientific collection trays and equipment, necessary for carrying out experiments in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Alternative Energies.The experiences can be carried out in the classroom in a simple, quick and understandable way both for teachers and students. The assembly takes very little time thanks to the manuals provided in each collection.

Students will be able to analyze the principles of Acoustics with the study of the phenomena of propagation of mechanical waves in the air, Biology and Anatomy, Electricity through the construction of circuits with series and parallel resistors, observe Electromagnetism and Mechanics fundamental principles through the study of levers, pulley,
inclined plane etc. They will also be able to closely observe many of the basic principles of Optics, Thermodynamics, Chemistry and Alternative Energy.

Mobility, modularity & multidisciplinarity​

ScienceBus is equipped with 3 rear swing doors, rear locks to protect in total safety the scientific equipment provided and also include a first aid kit.

ScienceBus fits all your needs !

Frequently asked questions

 Mandaci una mail con una richiesta a e saremo lieti di seguirti in tutti i passaggi sino alla consegna del tuo carrello mobile di scienze

Vi verranno spediti il Top , il modulo acqua , il modulo centrale e il modulo laterale ( se lo avete richiesto ) , basterà fissare il Top al di sopra dei 3 moduli e seguire le istruzioni di montaggio fornite nello scatolo per installare correttamente il modulo dotato di lavello.

 In ogni kit è presente un manuale che ti seguirà passo dopo passo per la creazione e la realizzazione di ogni esperimento utilizzando tutta la strumentazione presente nei vari kit collezioni scientifiche.

L’alimentatore così come il cavo di alimentazione con sistema di auto-avvolgimento sono già forniti in dotazione così come indicatore display con voltmetro e serbatoi carico e scarico acqua.

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